Fear2Freedom Webinar 

"Dissolve Fear around BIRTH"
This is for any woman who has:
had a baby
having a baby
has a desire to have a baby
or Been through the passage and been born ... your OWN birth.

I wish I knew this when I had my babies 😭
We will take you through a 90 minute process to eliminate and and ALL fear around birth, specifically for child birth.
This is a topic both Michelle Anne and I are very passionate about having home birthed our respective children and supporting many other mothers on their birthing and motherhood journey.

A few of the fears we will move through together:
Remove the trauma from previous births to create a clear pathway for new possibilites
Fear of what might "go wrong"
Fear of being out of control and "not knowing"
Not coping with labour or motherhood
Clearing fear of your OWN birth experience (YES, the one when YOU where the baby)

Even if you are not pregnant or planning on having another baby, these fears unless resolved will continue to play out in other areas of your life. We work closely with woman in the personal development and healing realm and often random, painful, challenges in relationships, money, body issues are tracked back to a fear or trauma which was ignited from their own birth.

Which you have no subconscious memory of .... so we just start to think "its normal" or "im crazy"
Join us as we deep dive together for 90 minutes clearing any and all fear around BIRTH to set you free to not just brith babies but also birth businesses, ideas, relationships and a deeper even more profound experience of LIFE.
from $50 to $38 ONLY!!!
  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
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